Presiam is only allowing 30,000 people to participate in the Airdrop.

The second PRSM Airdrop is scheduled for April 29th.

We will release 36,000,000 (36 MILLION) PRSMD Tokens!

Rules for the Presiam Airdrop:

1. Fill out the Airdrop Registration form below.

2. Join our Telegram Channel:

3. Watch our BitCoinTalk Thread:

4. Follow us on Twitter: Retweet our Pinned Post.

5. Visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter.

6. Follow our LinkedIn page:

Make sure your wallet is ERC20 compatible. Presiam will not be responsible for lost coins due to adding non-ERC20 wallet or exchange address like coinbase.

Additional Rules: Absolutely no spamming. Unlike other crypto projects that have users go out and spam other Telegram channels, Presiam will NOT tolerate this. Anyone caught spamming will be removed from the program and will not be able to swap out Ethereum Presiam tokens for the real Presiam tokens.

IMPORTANT: At the end of the campaign, all recipients will be verified to have followed all the rules. Users that merely get the airdrop and don’t follow the 6 above rules will be dropped from the campaign and you will not be able to swap your PRSMD tokens out for the new Presiam Blockchain Tokens (PRSM).

Also know that these are placeholder tokens and will be swapped out for the final PRSM once our blockchain is complete. If you sell them or remove them from the wallet address we sent them to then they are voided.