Presiam is all about giving back to the users. When it comes to Facebook, they sell your data and when you leave they won't let you take it with you or remove it. This is fundamentally wrong. It's your data. Your data is what drives the network and you should be rewarded for doing so.

Presiam rewards you in a few key ways.

As a Publisher of your content, Presiam will rewards you with a 50/50 Rev Share. Yep! Presiam will show ads in your news feed and network that is relevant to what you do or what you're into. You will earn 50% of that ad rev share, payable in Presiam (PRSM) tokens straight to your wallet built into the Presiam App.

When it comes to your data, your photos, videos and other content that you create is yours. It's not some corporations. They should not be selling your data but they do. At Presiam, it's yours and we won't sell it. When you leave you can take it with you forever removing it from our servers. It's just that simple. Your data, your way.

Presiam Key Features

Beautifully designed, the Presiam Dashboard is where you get your full friend feed. All your friends news will show up here. Whether they upload videos, images or just text updates, it will all show up here.

You can Like comments, videos images and see stats on all of your friends. This works just like a Facebook/Instagram feed only you control your data.

Tap settings allow you to search your feed for specific things as well as add new friends via email address or phone number. You can also send out invites to your contact lists on your mobile device to have friends or family join your community.

If you decide to leave Presiam then you can take your data with you. Download your whole feed to a export file. Your data will immediately be gone. If you decide to come back to Presiam then you can import your feed back into your account.

The PRSM Wallet is where all the PRSM tokens will arrive from your PRSM Mining, PRSM Publishing and PRSM Exchanges.

All of the PRSM tokens will sit here in your Multi-Sig wallet. You can transfer your PRSM tokens out to other PRSM compatible wallets or exchange them.

This is one of the advantages of using the Presiam Social Community App. It has all the features you want and need in a social app but also allows you to earn while using it.

This is the Presiam difference!

The PRSM Mining is yet another component of the PRSM App that allows users to mine PRSM tokens while they are sleeping.

It works by allowing the mobile device to automatically mine PRSM tokens while plugged into the charger as well as the option to only mine while connected to WIFI while cutting down on any cellular data usage.

The PRSM Mining settings give you more control on how/when you mine. It's designed with you in mind and the beauty of it is that you do not need to know about mining to use it. Just a couple settings on when to mine and it does it all for you. You simply transfer the PRSM tokens to your wallet.

Why not earn revenue while you're using the app. It's how it should be and how it now will be with the Presiam Social Community App!

The PRSM Publisher component is where members will see all of the 50/50 rev share revenue. This is Presiam's way of giving back to the users. Now members will earn 50% of all ad revenue that is shown in their feed.

All revenue that is earned is in PRSM tokens and those tokens are sent to your PRSM Wallet. There members can send them to other PRSM compatible wallets or send them to exchanges and cash them out for fiat currency.

Not only will each member earn 50% of the ad revenue generated within their own unique profile, they will also receive an additional 5% of the ad revenue generated by each new Presiam member profile they referred in through their Presiam account via those invites they send to friends/family.

In the Presiam app members can exchange PRSM for other cryptocurrencies as well as trade other cryptocurrencies for PRSM tokens.

The Presiam app has ShapeShift built into the app via a transparent partnership API.

ShapeShift is the the safest, fastest asset exchange on the planet and Presiam has it integrated!

No Rules!

When it comes to developing the Presiam Social App there are really no rules in place. This basically means that we're going to rely on the community to show us what features they're going to want included in the Presiam app. 

Below is our contact form. We want to hear from you. We want to know what YOU want in a social/cryptocurrency app. All suggestions will be looked at. Got crazy ideas? Send them, we want to see them!

Use this contact form to the right and send us your Feature Requests. We can't wait to read them!